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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Book Out Now: "Steve Harris - The Clairvoyant"

One of the better-known Iron Maiden fan sites,, proudly presents a book by Stipe Juras, one of their founding members and a long-time music journalist and writer, which describes, for the first time in history, the life of the legendary metal musician and Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris. The book is called "Steve Harris - The Clairvoyant" and has just been released in English and Croatian, and a Portuguese edition is being prepared for the Brazilian and Portuguese markets (tentatively due in August).

The official book description:

This is the story of Steve Harris, bass player and founder of Iron Maiden, told from memories and anecdotes of his fans, friends, associates and family, a warm and intriguing story of a man who boldly followed his vision. It isn't a biography in the classical sense; it doesn't follow Steve's life chronologically, it's more of an account about him from the perspectives of all the interviewees.

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