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Monday, March 7, 2011

Michael Monroe: "Sensory Overdrive" Deluxe Pack

Michael Monroe - Sensory overdrive Deluxe pack (signed cd + dvd + 2 x shirts + fan cards + stickers + badge)

-Sensory overdrive -album signed by the band members (cd+dvd version, dvd includes Michael Monroe Road Movie 2010)
-new Silver overdrive t-shirt
-tour shirt from England tour in fall 2010
-fan cards
-Sensory overdrive badge (size 25mm)

Michael Monroe just posted an update on their website:

I’m feeling really excited about our new album “Sensory Overdrive” being released next month. I gotta say that this band truly ROCKS and you can definitely hear it on the record!
The first single ” ’78″ is getting a great response from radio stations and
the listening audience. I can hardly wait for you – and the rest of the world – to hear the whole album!

As I’ve mentioned before, Sensory Overdrive was produced by the legendary Jack Douglas at Swinghouse Studios in LA. But as you know, recording an album is only half of the “product” – the mixing process is the other half. The final mixing and mastering was done by the great Petri Majuri at Seawolf Studios in Helsinki this past December.

We’re all very much looking forward to playing the new songs live in just a few weeks.

So my friends, it won’t be long now – “Sensory Overdrive” is coming your way and so are we, loud and clear! See you at the shows!

Love & RAWK!!!


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