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Friday, March 11, 2011

Duff McKagan: New Interview (Video) recently conducted an interview with Duff McKagan. You can read excerpts below. The band name is Loaded. That word has certain connotations – as a former drug addict and alcoholic…

Duff McKagan: “I don’t think I’m a ex-drug addict. Once you’re a drug addict – you just a drug addict.” Were you making a statement in choosing the band’s name?

DM: “At the time it was an ironic play on the term. I first named the band in ’97 or ’98, I was sober and I had come from the Guns ‘N Roses thing. I was always drunk and fucked up and other buffoonery. So, it’s a name. They stick and then they lose their meaning, but the important thing is that the band has been around long enough. This is our third album and we have an ardent and true following. It’s not like Nickelback– where you hear their song on the radio and two minutes later you’re humming the song. It takes the listener an effort and a search to go a little left-of-center to find the band and as a result we don’t get that high turnover rate in their fandom. They don’t come, are our fans for a couple of years, grow up and then move on. It’s like if you’re a fan of Cormac McCarthy – a quirkier darker writer. You are either a fan of the guy or you don’t like him at all and I think the same is true for this band.” Let’s talk about the new album, The Taking. How did it come together?

DM: “Loaded was a band. Then Velvet Revolver started and the chance for me, Slash and Matt to work together again – it seemed like a destined thing. It was just so good and you learn in this life that if something is presented to you and it feels right – you should do it. That’s what we did with Velvet and we went on and found Scott, but it wasn’t like the guys in Loaded were any less of my friends. They understood the situation and that was that. During the Libertad tour (the second VR record), me and the guys in Loaded started sending files of songs to each other because I knew that when VR came off the Libertad tour that Loaded was going to make a record. The Libertad tour got cut short because of you know… the issues Scott was having with his demons and whatnot. So, it was the perfect timing in my life. So, we went in and made the Loaded Sick record and I think it was a very inspired record, we went out and toured forever and a day on it and we wrote all of these songs that are now on the new album, The Taking.”

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Duff McKagan also was interviewed on the February 24, 2011 edition of the "Opie & Anthony" radio show Sirius XM. A clip from the chat can now be seen below.

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