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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ultimate Rhoads!

A lot of drama surrounding the leak of this trailer between the films producer and certain members of a couple of RR fansite forums. This is a great intro to the film and has generated a lot buzz and even more anticipation in the Randy Rhoads community...

Bob Daisley on his website:

"I agreed to talk to an affiliate of Margolis's called Andrew Klein on the 'phone about the possibility of me appearing in the film and eventually told him that I'd do a filmed interview which could be used in their movie. Being filmed isn't one of my favourite things, I did that really for the sake of Randy's story and to at least get some 'truth' out there in the public arena. I had many long 'phone conversations with Klein and relayed a lot of valuable information regarding many Randy-related topics such as the recording of 'Blizzard' and 'Diary', Ridge Farm Studios, dates and events, the Osbournes, my personal rapport with Randy, the record company and management and various other anecdotes too involved to list here. I spent many hours giving them free information to help make Randy's story complete."

The film

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