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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kiss goodbye to original line up

Paul Stanley was a guest on CNN’s Connect The World With Becky Anderson on Wednesday, and while taking questions from fans, was asked about the possibility of a second original KISS reunion.

“I think one was enough,” said Stanley. “When we did it, we did it for the right reasons. It was interesting because the word that comes up is ‘closure.’ You get a chance to go back and revisit relationships and see if they’ve changed at all. For the most part, sadly, you find that they remain as they were.”

“We had a good time that kind of deteriorated over time,” continued Paul, “and when we did the farewell tour, I realized that I didn’t want to say farewell to KISS, I wanted to say farewell to two of the members.”

“It’s been quite a while and a huge success without them,” ended Paul. “KISS is iconic, at this point, and those characters are much bigger than the people behind them.”

Both Ace and Peter have new books on the way, so we’ll be getting a look at their take on KISStory in the near future.

Meanwhile, KISS are planning to hit the studio this Spring to start working on a new album, with a Fall 2011 tour expected following the release of the project.

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